What do you get from us?

The content of this is in the, family, circle of friends, respect for others, honesty with all people and in old days acting, trust and etc. practice.

Even if you are poor you don’t have to be corrupt or dishonest to get rich. Why is someone rich or poor? It sounds like why someone is thicker or thinner is small or big. These are given by nature, because then we are talking about the values that we can set ourselves, be honest or also be dishonest, be short or also be long, be hardworking or not be hardworking and so on. Who Cares? we want to create a world that has a better future.,

Being poor has different aspects than being fat or thin, you understand one has nothing to do with another.

To me, being rich means that what I have to say is enough for me, so I don’t have to have excessive ability. Why I mention this sentence here, because I want to let my fellow man know that if it is enough then I am already rich. And not when my booth overflows. If one of them gets up early and goes to work, the other one wants to get up at 11 a.m. and fights for his life (please think that nobody wants something like this, either he has things that he cannot work on or his fate.

The prosperity inside and outside (for them I mean administrative service and outside I mean politics) has to be worked out and earned through our own behavior, and the basic basis of such prosperity is our first priority to practice. Such a learned kind of prosperity is long-lived and transferable, I hope you understand what I mean, not the material value, but the spiritual value and so we hope that poverty and injustice can be eliminated. Such misunderstandings only arose because the children or people were not informed of the facts early enough. And the fact is to practice honesty with yourself and with others. They say practice makes perfect.