Julia and Anjali Education and Health Foundation sets the course for the next generation!

We support the right to education and health, the right to develop freely without a social system such as castes or disadvantaged social views.

We all have the right to a decent life and to a certain standard of living. We all have the right to an education. In addition to education, the Julia and Anjali Education and Health Foundation also tries to promote the health of young people, for example through sporting activities. In this way, with our association, we support holistic health from an early age and empower young people on several levels. Good education and health aspects are certainly the best prerequisites for children’s growth.

In addition, we want to address young women explicitly with our association. They are practically the bearers of Indian culture, especially in the villages. Those who empower women empower society. For this purpose, there will be offers tailored to young women in the areas of education and health.

However, all of this is still being planned. Your suggestions are always welcome because we are still very young as a club and we cannot know everything.

Goals of the NGO

Our intention is to support all students until 8th grade in all subjects where they show weaknesses with the help of qualified teachers. This does not include supporting the students with their homework, which is usually done in other associations. All pupils can come to us, that feel, that they didn’t understand something in school, and we assist them in making progress.