As Per Current Situation, Due to Covid19 Coronavirus Pandemic, We are not Doing any outside Activities.
Previous Activities
On April 3rd, 2021 we distributed around 220 exercise books and crayons to children between the ages of 4 and 10 years. See photo
Since children and students are currently unable to attend classes due to Corona, we would like to offer the students learning opportunities at home. The books have different pictures and, among other things, also have learning objects. When the students have finished stapling, have them return the exercise books to us. If they perform well, the children are rewarded in the form of small toys or educational games.
If you also want to do something for the community, then you have the opportunity here, you can donate and also you can join our NGO.
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Thanks Gian Prakash

In the time of Corona, it is high time that deaths are to be mourned every day in Janti Kalan village. Therefore, we want to do something about it and distributed about 4000 N 95th masks. We went from door to door to explain how to use them and how important it is to adhere to the Corona rules. For example, washing hands, keeping your distance from other people, about 1.5 meters. We actually wanted to deal with tutoring for the children. But not much could develop because of Corona. Since we practice goal-oriented philosophy in our NGO, we have suggested another way. Namely to plant trees. We looked for the places to plant trees for examplealong the road. But here, we noticed a problem. The small, freshly planted trees could be eaten or damaged by wild animals. So the idea was to install a fence. But we were concerned that the fences could be stolen, because a few years ago the ceiling fans were stolen from a temple in the village and were only sold for about 10% of the actual price.


Since this dilemma existed and we got stuck, we decided to beautify the Samsan Ghat (Crematorium) in this village. The Crematorium is in very bad shape. Plastic waste, cow dung etc. Some village residents were very angry at the beginning because they said that the Crematorium should not be beautified because dead spirits live in these places. Our association does not believe that they will continue to live as ghosts after death or that souls will live on trees. After we told the village residents that there is no such thing, they were a little reassured.

In India. It is the case with the Hindus that Crematoriums are usually very neglected. When our desire for beautification became known in the village, there were very different opinions. Some said that only dead souls live in the SamsamGhats( Crematorieum), and that they live on trees like Pipel or Burgadh. Some villagers took this idea very seriously. We follow a different philosophy, and think beautifying the place can spread some confidence in a place of mourning.


Many villagers were there to help us handwork for beautifying the Crematorium.. About 10, 12 people were happy to help and promised to be there. With some of them we arranged times to meet, but no one came and did not respond to inquiries by telephone. Mr. R.K. Tushir was alone, waiting in vain for the people who had promised him to be there. For Mr. R.K Tushir this was very disappointing. Through this disappointment, Mr. Tushir got enormous strength and brought in a few day laborers to turn his thoughts into reality. Here it was very necessary to think about particularly good planning and logistics. There is no power connection in the Crematorium. We faced a great challenge to get things right. Gian Prakash and his co-director R.K. Tushir bought the following equipment. Power generator, lawn mower, earth auger, high-pressure cleaner, approx. 800 plants for the hedge, approx. 91 trees, and various plants with various devices for gardening work. All of these were important to have and to install at the cemetery. We spent about 80,000 RS on these things (see Excel list)

We were asked how we want the money invested back. Our answer was that we are a non-profit organization and do not expect any money. Our goal is to do something for the community (see our association agreements)

If you also want to do something for the community, then you have the opportunity here, you can donate and also you can join our NGO.


    Here below are some videos related to work done by us: